Well it’s that time of year, readers. The semester is over, we’re all burnt out from the massive amount of work we’ve just completed, we’ve gained at least 5 pounds from stress eating during finals week, and it also sadly means my blog is coming to an end.

It’s been a world wind semester to say the least, but I’m extremely happy and proud of how this publication has turned out. I have never been confident enough to create a blog like this on my own so I’m glad that Online Journalism has given me the push I needed to get my writing out there. By creating this blog, I realized that the upkeep to a successful blog is a lot harder than it looks. In this fast pace world people want to be able to refresh your publication regularly to find interesting and updated information. Through creating this I have learned not only how to do basic html code, but have gained the confidence to interview strangers and while it was hard at first, the experience and skills I have gained has been invaluable.

Thank you for sticking with me through this semester, readers. I hope you enjoyed my posts- so to conclude; I would like to link to you my top five favorite posts from the last few months. Thank you, friends and be well.

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Final Copy Pik

It is no surprise to any living, breathing, American citizen who hasn’t spent their life under a rock that college student’s love to party. It doesn’t matter where the college is located either. You could be in the rolling hills of Montana, the beach schools of California, the fashion schools in New York City, or a middle-sized, up and coming University located in a small cozy south Jersey town (cough cough ROWAN). No matter where you go, there is bound to be those students spending their weekdays dreaming of Natty Lights and big fat joints.

Considering this, it may be no surprise to anyone that Rowan University Students love to party. In fact, to go back into a little Prof history, Rowan University was actually ranked “#28th Party School” in the entire nation by Playboy in 1987! And while it upheld its reputation for a while until the death of Rutger’s Universities Freshman Student James Callahan that lead the administration at Rowan to become more strict with the party scene slowing down our party reputation for a while, it quickly ramped back up again in the early 2000’s, and continues with its reputation of being a pretty wild school today despite recent busts.

While I knew of this reputation and have witnessed it first hand, I can now after taking my survey say it with actual certainty. While a bit introverted myself, I still somehow seem to always surround myself with friends who like to party and go out and partake in the activities that go along with those things, but because of this I realized my view on how wild this campus population may be could be a bit bias due to the groups I surround myself with. For this post, I took a poll out of 120 Rowan University Students of all different ages ethnicities, and backgrounds to get a little less of a bias view. These results I found were not very shocking in the marijuana, alcohol or partying category, but proved pretty surprising in the hard drug range.

“The drinking and partying percentages are honestly no surprise to me at all. Everyone around here goes crazy on the weekends, but I am pretty surprised about the Molly statistics- it seems like everyone is a druggie down here, but I guess not,” said sophomore business major Jennifer Blain who hails from North Jersey.

For a drug that according to NBC News is “…becoming a popular party drug again,” among college students, many Rowan University students do not seem to be much about it. Among the surveys I received back from students, some wrote their own person feedback near the questions I asked particularly near the questions on whether they had or would ever try Molly and some of the things they wrote back to me were, “Oh hell no I would never do that.” Or, “I don’t know what that is…hold on-let me Google it.”

So while it may be no surprise to anyone that the students love to party and smoke the occasional weed, when it comes to hard drugs, the majority of Rowan Students are saying no.

For this post I went around campus asking random students various questions about Rowan University and other various topics that South Jersey students find themselves facing. As always I got answers from a very diverse cast of characters. Enjoy.

Upon meeting Timothy Chambers, president of the Veteran Student Organization, you would assume he was like any other Junior college student. Upon getting to know his story, you would come to find that this modest law school bound student was deployed to the Middle East in 2010.

“When I got back from Baghdad, Iraq most things scared me,” Tim told me.

“If I heard a door close I got freaked out. If I heard an alarm I got freaked out- and obviously if you’re in an educational setting there’s always loud noises going on. For the first few months, maybe 12-14 months after I got back from deployment I was always on edge.”

Despite the struggles Chambers faces like many other soldiers who are reintegrating into society, he spoke of how helpful Rowan University, VSO, and the psychological services here were.  He also spoke of the “small things” that separated him and fellow soldiers from the average college student and how the Veteran Student Organization on campus bridged the gap by bringing veterans together through their common experiences.

And Tim wasn’t the only one.

At the organizational meeting I attended, I met an array of modest, kind, military and military family members who welcomed me with open arms and enthusiastically told me about their experiences here at Rowan.

“VSO is a place were we can feel like we’re among friends- among the same. We’re civilians, but we’re also military. It’s tough, but VSO relieves tension.”

Upon hearing so many positive experiences from not only Chambers, but other members of the VSO, I was not surprised to find Rowan University had made Victory Medias list of “2013 Military Friendly Schools.”

Rowan University currently has over 200 veterans and the Veteran Student Organization plans on having many events throughout the year, including a Veteran’s week and a Toys for Tots drive.

If you would like more information please visit their Facebook page or twitter account.

If you’re ever looking for something dramatic, strange, sexy, and a little bit terrifying, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the perfect event for you to attend.  Going into it, I have to say I was a bit alarmed. I had no idea what to expect and shows that are that …. provocative generally make me uncomfortable. This could not have been any more opposite. Despite the glowing dildos, absurd obscenities that were yelled out through the entire performance and the stripper scenes, I had an awesome time. The cast of the Rocky Horror Picture show was enthusiastic, spunky and perfectly cast. Here are a few pictures of the show in order. If you ever have the experience to attend a Rocky Showing, especially the Rowan version, I highly recommend you go. Enjoy.

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1. You are developing a budding alcohol problem

2. The Fire Alarm goes off at least 4 times a day and at this point even your R.A’S don’t leave their rooms

3. Prof sandwiches are your salvation on Saturday Afternoons

4. It is completely normal for you to not see anyone before nightfall around the dorms since Rowan University students are in fact, vampires

5. You have witnessed the fabulous Louis Vuitton Man Satchel of Dean Jones

6. You secretly look forward to Prof Stock even though you tell everyone how totally lame it is

7.  You consider FIJI the creeper frat

8. Rain Boots are part of your regular apparel considering it rains in Glassboro at least 3 times a week

9. You have been on the verge of death due to a long board related incident at least once a week

10.  It is a blessing when your WIFI stays on for more than 20 minutes at a time

11. Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll

12. You have long drawn out arguments on the existence of Central Jersey on the regular